Technology can change the way people live their lives. But when technology tries to improve life at its core… something extraordinary happens. Health & hygiene for instance – is the basic prerequisite for a happy life, be it in a family, business and industrial establishments, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals or even small shop or even your car. Creation of healthy & hygienic conditions by itself is an achievement. But when someone goes a step further and uses technology that is environment-friendly and sustainable, it wins hands down.


The brain child of Mr. Trilok Shankar, an entrepreneur with a ‘Midas touch’ for successful businesses, TechGreen is a new company formed with the vision to bring and promote green technologies that impacts people lives positively. Always on the lookout for new & emerging technologies that aligns with his Vision for the company, Mr. Trilok has already added a range of products.

TechGreen is ready to unleash its true potential and find its true destiny with a promise that is green and sustainable.